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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 7, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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intercepted or not. they broke it up. alexander got a hand on it. made sure it fell to earth. >> gary: smart play by white, number 40. he backed off and kept it in front of him and he's the one that ended up, i think, tipping that ball. watch him back up and ends up going up and making the defensive play. >> brad: devin white right there. >> gary: devin white. >> brad: he's made a lot of plays. none bigger than that, i guess. it's not going to be a great homecoming for some of the parties around gainesville tonight because the gators are going to drop one at home. >> gary: i'm surprised -- >> brad: kneels down. guice is going to be dropped for a three-yard loss. >> gary: that exchange was dangerous. there was penetration by that
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florida defensive line. >> brad: not just in the victory formation. >> gary: they have one time out. they have to do something. they cannot run out the whole clock. look how close that came. it's not about your gender. or the color of your skin. or whether you're rich, poor, or in the middle. no matter what you play. if you have the skill and drive to succeed in school and in sports, we'll provide the opportunity. >> brad: florida stops it for the final time. >> gary: we've counted during the break. if l.s.u. takes two knees here because florida cannot stop it, it will be four down with under 10 seconds to go.
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they should not hand the ball off again. >> brad: they do anyway. guice dances in the hole. spins his way down to the 20. >> gary: you could make an argument, if you're florida, to let them score. it would be an eight-point game. at least you would have a chance be to tie the game. i mean, if i'm florida, i go, "go score. please. run it one more time. it's our only chance." >> brad: etling looking to the sideline. using as much clock as possible. well under a minute. >> gary: because of that run, it took enough time, now the game pretty much is over. >> brad: play clock goes down.
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l.s.u. takes i time out with 46 to go. for l.s.u. if they hang onto this for 46 seconds, what a way to come back from a loss at home to get a big win on the road. >> gary: it feels almost like last year. everybody assumed the way florida was struggling a year ago going into l.s.u. they would have a tough time to win. they pull it out. same thing the thought is about l.s.u. this year. >> brad: take a look at the g.m.c. game changer. we're going to call it for matt canada and his offense. >> gary: the shift in motion package worked. >> brad: took a lot of grief last week but some of these plays like the jet sweep, the gauge that went for 30 yards, they had a bunch of those today. >> gary: they are limited in a lost their pass offense. they've got too many young players on the offensive line. they can't drop back in long-yardage situations and
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comfortably throw the ball. they have to do a lot of this stuff to move the ball. >> brad: etling under center with williams behind him and williams goes straight on and florida doesn't give him a score that gary talked about. >> gary: that will be the game. >> brad: that should be it. >> gary: yeah. they used the last few seconds by being willing to run the ball. they have more guts than i do. i would have taken a knee. ed orgeron called out his team. told everybody we're going to play tiger football and i think they played tough, physical football this week against florida. >> brad: the final seconds tick away. l.s.u. is going to go to 4-2. 1-1 in the conference.
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florida. their first loss in s.e.c. play. they're up to 4-1 and the celebration starts on the gators' home field for l.s.u. another tight one as so many of these have been over now 64 meetings. >> brad: let's look at our napa play of the game. this is the one that iced it. the tight end or h-back number 44, the freshman all alone. could have thrown it to either one of those guys for the touchdown. that ended up being the difference. that made it 17-10. then a missed extra point so florida never had a chance after that as l.s.u. takes it down, runs out the clock and comes up with a huge win in gainesville.
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final score l.s.u. 17, florida 16. we'll see you next week somewhere. it will be fun. just like this one. i guarantee you. for gary danielson and allie laforce, brad nessler saying so long from the swamp. final score 17-16. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division what is this? it's the new iphone, it's for our anniversary. our anniversary?
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> adam: welcome to "the college football postgame show powered by ram." i'm adam zucker. a reminder tonight on cbs, begins with "wisdom of the crowd" and "ncis: new orleans" followed by a new edition rehnquist 48 hours" tonight only cbs. in the game you just saw. l.s.u. able it outpower florida 17-16. moments ago, allie laforce with an ed orgeron ready to exhale. >> allie: coach, you had a drama-filled week. many questioned the direction of the program. what did this win show you, your team and l.s.u. fans? >> resilient. believed in ourselves. fixed the things we could fix. won a game tonight. proud of our coaching staff and our football players.
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what a tremendous job. >> allie: you had a lot of injuries on the offensive line. true freshmen out there. did they show you a level of toughness you're used to seeing at l.s.u.? >> showed me competitiveness and will to win. we were not going to make an excuse. we came here to win a football game and we did. >> allie: said this was your best week of practice. you have auburn around the corner. >> going to have to continue doing the things we're going to do. we need to enjoy this win but put it to bed, a tough auburn team coming and continue to build on the things we build on. geaux tigers. >> adam: he said that a lot today. now he can really smile. if you knew that this was going to be a one-possession game in the swamp against jim mcelwain, you would think florida would get the win. >> brian: l.s.u. has been in those situations before. revenge is the sweetest joy. this is revenge from last year and all the negativity surrounding this program. they displayed toughness as coach said, they were
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competitive, they won at the line of scrimmage more than they lost in this ballgame. this was a totally different l.s.u. football team. >> rick: it was old school. rock 'em sock 'em, two teams tharpe going to run trite at each other and they did a whale of a job. a shame it came down to a missed extra point. what happened on the extra point, the holder, johnny townsend, the punter tries to spin it, holders are told on the extra point you don't need to win. from close range no need. >> brian: all phases matter. in these big ballgames as competitive as this one was, all phases matter. >> adam: on the scoreboard that was the difference but it feet like the difference was in the trenches today. >> rick: bull elk on bull elk, it's fun to go -- >> adam: it's ok to have fun with ed orgeron again. let's get you caught up around the country. big upset.
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oklahoma, number three going down at home, kyle kempt had thrown two passes in his career. leads a major come-back. >> brian: he didn't start the ballgame. the middle linebacker started. dimitri flowers ties it late. here comes kempt again. alan lazard climbs the ladder. comes down with it. that would be winning score. >> adam: a great catch the. the sooners had won 17 straight in the conference. 14 straight overall. 18 straight against iowa state going back to 1990. instead a team with big national championship hopes with that big win in columbus goes down for the first time this year. to the day in the s.e.c. rick, georgia continues to roll. potentially now going to crack the top four after going for over 400 yards. >> rick: oklahoma vacating. georgia entering. here is nick chubb bursting through that vandy defense going for 33 yards and a touchdown. if you like that one you're
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going it like this one too. 14 yards from mr. chubb. georgia takes a commanding lead 21-0 at that time. the young freshman continues to impress. 47-yards carry. georgia rolling. georgia. >> adam: meanwhile georgia-auburn about a month from now, b.j., that offense is humming. >> brian: push-off, bo jackson says nice catch, my man, two thumbs up on that one. kerryon johnson. untouched. >> adam: 12 rushing touchdowns on the year and l.s.u. for them is next. it's getting worse for arkansas. jake bentley going behind the defense several times. throw and the fade against arkansas. >> rick: brian edwards making a great circus catch for paydirt. he couldn't make the play. skye morris says thank you very much, i'll take that one back for six.
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all gamecocks now 41-10. >> adam: a lot of blowouts this year in the s.e.c. two defensive touchdowns in the game for south carolina. when "the college football post-game show" presented by ram returns we'll check in on other top five teams in action. introducing degree ultracle♪r black + white
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and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. >> adam: tuesday at 9:00 eastern on cbs sports network join me and the rest of our crew for inside college football recap on all of today's action like navy over air force. l.s.u.-auburn next week. >> rick: l.s.u.-auburn will have the sizzle you can look forward to because of this one did because of what happened a year ago. >> brian: revenge on the mind of l.s.u. >> adam: miami we think just got a big pass against f.s.u. but that will just about do it for us.
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>> adam: then it's regional action. many will see the jaguars and steelers. get your weekend started with thursday night football on cbs and nfl network when the eagles visit the panthers. for all of us, have a great evening. and enjoy the rest of your weekend. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". well tonight we're tracking
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hurricane nate as it heads for the gulf coast. the latest major storm is expected to slam into the shore packing winds up to 100 miles an hour. the storm is moving fast. it's getting stronger bite minute. already claiming more than a dozen lives in central america. homes are leveled, families diss chased and now the storm is heading this way. louisiana, mississippi and alabama are all under states of emergency at this hour. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. officials say nate is expected to strengthen into category two storm before finally making landfall this weekend. now as a tropical storm nate caused torrential downpours and chest high flooding in central america. at least 21 people were killed. now the us gulf coast is preparing for the worst. parts of louisiana and mississippi are under mandatory evacuation orders and the governors of those states are urging people in those areas to get to higher ground. >> big storm and it's moving in a hurry get a lot of wind, a lot of water. >> three quarters of all if any
7:21 pm
tal lolls are relate to do hurricanes happen because of water, and we don't want people driving at night. >> president trump has already approved an emergency declaration for large area of louisiana. now meteorologist lauren casey is watching nate very closely as the hurricane inches closer and closer to the gulf coast tonight. lauren, what kind of impact can we expect and also what's the effect for us possibly? >> thanks, natasha. we'll only see indirect impacts here from nate as it eventually will arrive as a weakened system as we head into late tomorrow and into monday as well it will enhance our rain chances but right now nate as you were mentioning still positioned along a gulf coast nearing landfall yet another system another tropical system about to make a u.s. landfall this hur taken season. hurricane nate is category one storm but it does have that potential to possibly even strengthen into a category two before it does make this landfall but it is nearing the coastline to center of circulation or the eye of hurricane nate is just to the
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southeast of southeastern louisiana. it's motion is mainly off to the north it could jog a little bit to the northeast as we head into the next several hours. landfall along the coast gulf anticipated overnight tonight. winds right now at about 90 miles per hour strong category one system if it strengthens to 95 miles per hour that would make nate a category two hurricane that motion off to the north at about 23 miles per hour at its fastest and last 12 hours nate was moving with forward pace at 28 miles per hour. making it the fastest forward motion of a gulf hurricane on record. so it is trucking again expected to make landfall as we head into the overnight period. we'll eventually weaken move up into the tennessee valley and as we head into the early part of next week, natasha, we will see some impacts from nate mainly in the form of a lot of moisture so we'll talk about the possibility of some heavy rain to kick off the work week innocents coming up in your full eyewitness forecast in just a few. >> lauren see you soon. thank you so much. meantime, a philadelphia corner store owner critically
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injured during a shooting in mantua. thanks to neighbor that woman is still alive tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more now on the good samaritan who jumped in to help. she's selfless. >> reporter: that's how neighbor describes the 48-year-old woman who owns freddie grocery in mantua. now gunshot victim in critical condition at penn presbyterian medical center. >> whoever needed something so badly all they had to do was ask her. but to do this, this is ugly this is ignorant. this is unnecessary. >> reporter: philadelphia police say around 8:30 friday night, 30 minutes before the corner store would close for the night, at least one gunman shot the woman in the back and neck. a neighbor called 911 after walking into buy cigarettes and seeing the store owner bleeding unable to speak. >> i think this is someone from the area that goes in there and thinks they're going to have easy time of get something money at the end of the night, but obviously, at some point fired the gun critically wounding this person changing these people's lives forever. >> reporter: investigators are reviewing surveillance video.
7:24 pm
they believe that the motive was robbery although they say it doesn't appear anything was taken. sandy smith former paramedic lives next to the store on the 3400 block of fairmount avenue. she says she was bringing her dogs back inside when she heard someone yell for help. >> my poor dog. i through my dog into the house, ran into the store. there was this pool of blood on her chest. >> reporter: smith says she had likely just missed seeing the shooter and quickly jumped in to action until paramedics could arrive. >> until they pulled me off of her and put direct pressure on her i wasn't moving from her side. >> reporter: anyone information is asked to call southwest detectives n west philadelphia, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news". power crews in camden county are working to try to restore power to a neighborhood in berlin after a car struck a utility pole there. this crash happened just after midnight or so on white horse pike near egg harbor road. you can see the pole some and downed wires there blocking the roadway. no word on the condition of the driver and also no word on what caused that crash.
7:25 pm
boil water advisory current until place for part of lower providence township. it is now been lifted. pennsylvania american water issued this advisory on thursday due to loss of pressure at one of the company's storage tanks. test results from samples collected over the past two days or so allowed them to finalist that advisory today. police in london rule out terrorism as a car slams into a group of people in a very popular tourist area. this happened earlier today outside the natural history museum. 11 people were hurt but luckily no one was killed. officials are calling this a road traffic accident but still some are extremely shaken. >> i heard a bang. like the sound when there's a car accident. i looked around to my right and i see this guy coming down here and turn around and come straight into me. >> the guy pinned on the ground and it was someone who was injured. they were being handcuffed and laughing and it was horrible.
7:26 pm
>> authorities say one man was detained at the scene. he has not been charged. and to las vegas now where vice-president mike pence and mrs. pence visited the memorial site for the 58 victims killed in the mass shooting on sunday. the second family brought flowers to lay at the crosses of the deceased. the two were met with applause as they departed the site. now 58 doves will released outside of las vegas city hall just after vice-president set a prayer for the victims. >> united in our grief, united in our support for those who have suffered and united in our resolve to end such evil in our times. may god bless the fallen, the injured and their precious families. and may god bless america. >> as for the gunman in this case responsible for this tragedy on the vegas strip, las vegas police and the fbi are still working on trying to figure out a motive. and right here in
7:27 pm
philadelphia, a vigil to remember the victims of that mass shooting in las vegas it is underway "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves joins us live from the cathedral basilica of saints saints peter and paul where hundreds of locals gathered to pray and show they're support. alicia. >> reporter: nat shark the shooting in las veigh affected so many people. people here with heavy hearts in the philadelphia area did gather at the b basilica as this stomas mass had focus on las vegas and all of the lives lost there. it started with 58 candles being lit. one candle for each life loss in saturday night's mass shooting it has become the worst in american history dozens of attended this service reeling from a reality all wants i was mentioned to pray in unity for those lives lost in las vegas the hundreds more who were shot and injured and for all the families now forever devastated there's still no motive for the
7:28 pm
tragedy. but many here say they will never be a good enough one to explain why or how someone could do this. this service simply comes to terms with the tragedy hope and pray and with part of that prayer being for something like this to never happen again. >> so for us today with vegas, you know, we're -- we keep them in our hearts and we hope that nowhere in america in the world that this will continue to happen. even london they just mentioned something this morning. so hopefully -- something needs to change. >> reporter: in addition to the 5:00 p.m. mass a little while ago it ended there's now 7:00 o'clock mass at the -- a rosary service as people praying in unity inside the church right now one more opportunity to pray for the victims in vegas and to end sensitive crimes and senseless tragedies from happening again. reporting live in philadelphia a leisha nieves, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> alicia, thank you so much. the local response to the mass shooting in las vegas really has been overwhelming. earlier today i bew local 98
7:29 pm
host add red cross blood drive at their headquarters in philadelphia's spring garden section. many turned out to give blood and hope to those injured in the shooting. today's blood drive also benefited the victims of the the recent hurricanes in florida, texas and puerto rico. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a local high school football team manager gets his chance on the field. boys have really just rallied around him and really just made him feel a part of it. >> meet cole fitzgerald an alex lemonade stand hero with dreams of one day making it to the nfl. plus, a 5k for addiction awareness. how runners are working to tackle the opioid epidemic with each and every step they take. a bit later, homecoming humor. flooding devastated two texas families but they're teenagers are still going to the big dan dance. how one teen turned the
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after 8 years of chris christie, is kim guadagno the change new jersey really needs? guadagno is christie's hand-picked successor. says she's "proud to be part of the christie administration." guadagno was chris christie's right hand as our schools came under attack, critical services were underfunded, and our credit rating was downgraded...11 times. from the bridge to the beach, we've seen it all, and we've had enough. kim guadagno isn't the change we need.


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